ZOA Disappointed In Hillel’s Decision To Drop Anti-Semitism Investigation At UC Irvine

October 22, 2007
Contact: Morton A. Klein, 212-481-1500But Hillel Campaign Seeks Funds
To Fight Anti-Semitism

New York — The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is troubled to learn that the Hillel Foundation of Orange County (Hillel) has called off its investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The investigation was being conducted by a Hillel-formed Task Force, consisting of academic, professional and religious leaders. According to an article published on October 16th in the Daily Pilot, a local California newspaper, Hillel’s “board of directors decided their resources could be better spent improving campus Jewish life” (italics in original). This is despite the fact that a recent Hillel fundraising letter is seeking funds to fight campus anti-Semitism.
When Hillel publicly announced the formation of its Task Force on February 13, 2007, it noted that the Task Force came “as the result of the growing number of reported anti-Semitic incidents occurring on campus in recent years.” In a Los Angeles Times article on February 15, 2007, concerning the Task Force’s creation, Hillel’s Executive Director was quoted as saying that “Jewish students have raised concerns about the hostile environment at UCI. They are legitimately afraid for their safety.” read more


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