Students express concerns about UC Irvine

From JTA:

Students express concerns about UC Irvine
Published: 04/02/2008A group of current and former University of California, Irvine students are “deeply concerned” about anti-Semitism on their campus.In a news release issued earlier this week, 20 students countered an earlier release from Jewish student leaders at UC Irvine denying anti-Semitism was a serious problem on their campus and defended the administration’s handling of the matter.

“We are current and former students at UC Irvine who are deeply concerned about the anti-Semitism at UCI that has been frequently couched as false and hateful attacks on Israel,” the new release said. “We do not believe that UCI Chancellor Michael Drake has exercised his responsibility as an educator and university leader in response to the anti-Semitism.”

One of the signers of the new release says he attends California State University, Fullerton.

The release also repeated earlier criticism of the decision by Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life to provide Drake with a “coveted platform” to speak at its recent summit in Washington.


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