Jewish students “isolated and threatened” on Toronto campus

From JTA:

Cops quell anti-Israel attack at York U

By Ron Csillag · February 13, 2009

TORONTO (JTA) — Toronto police quelled tensions between Jews and anti-Israel activists at the campus of one of Canada’s largest universities for the second time in two weeks.

Hillel@York, the on-campus club for Jewish students at Toronto’s York University, said that anti-Israel activists “isolated and threatened Jewish students” during a Feb. 12 news conference on the fallout from a three-month-long strike that ended recently at York.

Jewish students allegedly were subjected to anti-Semitic slurs and physically intimidated. The anti-Israel activists allegedly barricaded Jewish students in Hillel’s office.

Toronto police escorted the Jewish students out of the office to ensure their safety.

Among the slurs allegedly uttered by those barricading Hillel’s office were, “Die bitch — go back to Israel” and “Die Jew — get the hell off campus.”

Last week, police were called to York during a physical altercation involving an anti-Israel activist.

“The climate on York’s campus of aggressive intimidation, violent rhetoric and physical harassment is unacceptable,” said Daniel Ferman, President of Hillel@York. “The hostile environment demonstrates contempt for all students — not only to Jewish students.”

B’nai Brith Canada has requested an “urgent” meeting with York University officials to discuss security for Jewish students.


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