Chicago Police arrest a man accused of mailing a bomb threat to a Jewish school

Alleged Chicago bomb threat author arrested

NEW YORK (JTA) — Police in Chicago arrested a man accused of mailing a bomb threat to a Jewish school.

Mohammed Alkaramla, a Jordanian national, was arrested Friday. His fingerprints were found on the envelope of the bomb threat, the Chicago Tribune reported Saturday.

A decade-old book of stamps matching the stamp on the envelope was found in Aklaramla’s apartment, and the text of the letter was found on the hard drive of Alkaramla’s computer, police told the Tribune.

The Ida Crown Jewish Academy received the bomb threat in late January. The letter threatened to detonate bombs at 22 educational centers in Chicago, though no explosives were ever found, the newspaper reported.

Alkaramla, of the West Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago’s north side, is also under investigation for vandalizing several Chicago-area synagogues in early January, allegedly in response to Israel’s military incursion into Gaza. He was not charged for those crimes when he was arrested Friday, according to the Tribune.

He is being held without bail until a hearing Tuesday.



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