When Does Criticizing Israel Become Anti-Semitic?

When Does Criticizing Israel Become Anti-Semitic?

By Allen Z. Hertz · April 6, 2009

“….Shouting “Dirty Jew!” or attacking Jews in pogroms or sending Jews to die in concentration camps are obviously Anti-Semitic. But many individuals in the Western and Islamic Worlds have a blind spot that prevents them from recognizing Anti-Semitism in other toxic manifestations. Here it helps to recall the Holocaust that killed six million Jews in Europe (1939-1945). That horrendous crime traced its immediate origins to 1933, when Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler began a program of well-organized discrimination that singled out Jews via legal and bureaucratic expedients. In the same way, modern Anti-Semites contrive strategies to support persistent patterns of bitter discrimination against Israel, e.g., in organs of the United Nations. The strategy is to demonize Israel by persistently judging it according to a more exigent standard than regularly applied to other countries. The ultimate goal is to justify the destruction of Israel and the killing of the six million Jews there.Jews tainted by Anti-Semitism?…”  Read the entire article here:


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