UC Irvines dismissive response:

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We have reviewed UC Irvine’s marquee services guidelines. The marquee service is available for events when:

* The event is a University-sponsored event;
* The event is sponsored by a registered campus organization; or
* The event is community sponsored.

The announcement you referenced in your email meets one of these requirements because the event is sponsored by MSU, which is a registered campus organization.

As a result of our review, we have instituted changes to a number of current event announcements, including the MSU announcement, to more succinctly direct visitors to the location of the event that they are interested in attending.

Although we may strongly disagree with a particular event, program or speaker hosted, organized and paid for by a student organization, the University is legally obligated to uphold state and federal laws that protect free speech activities. This also affects our decision about posting event announcements; for example, we cannot refuse to post an event announcement because we might disagree with the content of the program or its title.

To read the letter to UCI click:

Dear  ,

Referencing our phone call this morning at approximately 11:00 AM, with respect to the use of the University of California Irvine Marquee announcing the Muslin Student Unions  Israel, The politics of Genocide:

Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of the State of Israel have complained about verbal and physical assaults at UCI especially during these hate programs. According to a faculty adviser of a Jewish campus organization, over half of the Jewish students polled said that they felt unsafe on campus; nearly all of them were female.  The President of Anteaters for Israel has recently characterized UCI as “a hotbed of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activism over the past seven years”. UCI’s Police Chief recently stated that there ” were certainly instances of boorish and intimidating behavior” but the university did not have the resources to deal with them.  . Even worse, MSU supporters have been allowed to act as security personal at their campus events.

The notion that the University supports these hurtful programs should not tolerated as it further creates an unsafe and potentially hazardous environment for students, faculty and visitors to the campus. Therefore we request that university take immediate steps to remove the advertisement, issue a disclaimer distancing UC Irvine, and where appropriate, apply sanctions in accordance with the policies of the University of California, the University of California, Irvine, and the California Education Code.

We take strong exception and object to, the use of the name and of the University of California, as it appears to imply that The University of California, Irvine (UCI) and the University of California support the content of this and other hateful programs in violation of:


92000. (a) The name “University of California” is the property of the state. No person shall, without the permission of the Regents of the University of California, use this name, or any abbreviation of it or any name of which these words are a part, in any of the following ways:
(1) To designate any business, social, political, religious, or other organization, including, but not limited to, any corporation, firm, partnership, association, group, activity, or enterprise.
(2) To imply, indicate or otherwise suggest that any such organization, or any product or service of such organization is connected or affiliated with, or is endorsed, favored, or supported by, or is opposed by the University of California..
(3) To display, advertise, or announce this name publicly at, or in connection with, any meeting, assembly, or demonstration, or any propaganda, advertising, or promotional activity of any kind which has for its purpose or any part of its purpose the support, endorsement, advancement, opposition, or defeat of any strike, lockout, or boycott or of any political, religious, sociological, or economic movement, activity, or program…..
….(c) Every person violating the provisions of this section is
guilty of a misdemeanor.”

You stated that you will get back to us later today, since the Chancellor was unavailable due to a meeting with the University of California Regents.  We look forward to your prompt response.


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