UCI Continues to Allow MSU Supporters as Security Personel

It is incumbent upon the University to provide adequate security and police protection for all of its students, especially when organizations such as the Muslim Student Union at UCI bring incendiary and hate speakers to the campus. The UCI administration has allowed untrained MSU members to act as “security guards” for their own events. This should not be tolerated as it creates an unsafe and potentially hazardous environment for students, faculty and visitors to the campus. If the university does not have the resources to provide adequate police protection, then perhaps they should require those groups to pay for additional qualified uniformed campus police.mc1Mac1Mac3From top: MSU supporters “guard” Cynthia McKinney. Middle:  Audience  member approaches Ms. McKinney’s podium to ask a question and is immediately met by several MSU supporters. Bottom: Dean of  Students Sally Peterson escorts audience member away from the podium.


Cynthia Mckinney derides Israel and America.


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