Comments From the Petition; Drake Remains Silent

Thus far, Chancellor Drake remains “Content Neutral”  The following are some of the comments made by individuals who signed the  Petition (Courtesy of ZOA)  which calls on Chancellor Drake to  publicly and unequivocally speak out against  anti-Semitism at UC Irvine:

“This petition in very important not only to us in the Jewish community but also to the University itself. it would go a long way to correcting the overwhelming perception that UCI is the most anti-semetic (sic) campus in the nation.”

“How can you allow this open anti-Semitism to exist on a University of California campus? You should all be ashamed.”

“My son is an alumni of UCI, currently attending a medical school. I will not allow my daughter to attend UCI should your policy remain as it is.”

“I didn’t feel safe walking on campus! It is unbelievable that something like that is allowed on campus – it definitely (sic) wasn’t peaceful!”

“My daughter is finishing her MFA at UC Irvine. I cannot say enough how sorry I am that she has gone to graduate school under these hostile conditions.”

“Shame on the UCI administration!! You have a responsibility to provide a safe and hate-free environment for learning. You fail miserably”

“Your silence in the face of anti-semitism on your campus seems like tacit approval of it”

“As a parent of a student who attended your medschool and informed me of this when he attended, I am appalled that more is not said. Everyone has the right to voice their opinion, but when it enhances prejudice, fear and discordance, it is inappropriate that the UC system of which I am also a part of, says nothing. I will no longer be giving funds to any UC campus until this is addressed.”

“It’s a disgrace to Orange County that this is allowed to happen every year in the name of Free Speech. Signed UC Alum”

“My sister goes to this school. She is a Jew and feels very uncomfortable. She says the school has the rhetoric of a 1930s German bar.”

“This is DESPICABLE. As a graduate of UCI I am appalled that the campus would promote such hatred, and I am embarassed to be associated as an alumnus with UCI if it supports such blatant anti-semitism and bigotry“.

“In this day and age you would think that the Chancelor of the UC Irvine would recognize and condemn anti-Semitism when he’s confronted with it. If our universities don’t weigh in about anti-semitism, can any other enlightened group be expected to do so. For shame, for shame!!!”

“As a UC Irvine alum (1970), I can only say SHAME”

“I was a visiting professor at UC Irvine some years ago. It is shameful to see the Israel-bashing there masquerading as academically protected speech.”

“As a UC Irvine parent, I believe in free speech but not when it is so clearly biased, inflammatory, anti-Israel and anti-semitic.”

“Class of 86 – I’m appaled at the lack of action by the administration on this. I have already stopped providing any financial support for the school, but have held out hope that things would improve. Without action from the administration, I will become more vocal and eliminate all ties I was once proud to have with your institution.”

“You continue to make future Jewish students feel unwelcome to this UC campus. “

“I used to go to UCI and I REMEMBER VIVIDLY the Anti-Semitism we faced. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!!”

“Chancellor Drake, UC Irvine has become an intolerable place for Jews. Your institution harbors hate, and intolerance and your hostility towards Israel and Jews has attracted international attention. I am asking you to protect your Jewish students and end the hate.”

“We live near Irvine and visited the UC Irvine campus with my daughter on several occasions. She really liked the campus, but was hesitating after hearing from her close Jewish friend of unpleasant anti-Semitism harassment by fellow students. On our last visit we encountered a group of loud and belligerent students that made inflammatory anti-Semitic remarks after noticing her Star of David medallion necklace. My daughter, who is a straight A student, decided to attend another UC campus. Freedom of speech is a fundamental right, but tolerating open anti-Semitism on a state campus is not. Not only you lost a talented student, but you also lost parents that like to get involved and contribute generously.”


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