“If Israel was a racist state, what the hell was it doing in Haiti? Why would Israel doctors, nurses and medics travel half way around the world to help black, non Jewish people after a devastating earthquake?”

Israel Apartheid Week, Haiti and Islamic Jihad

What Apartheid? Over 20,000 black Ethiopians live in Israel. Arabs serve in the
Knesset, IDF. Palestinians, Israelis share smiles as they visit the same shopping
centers and parks. This is not apartheid, this is Islamic Jihad attacking democracy.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem —- March 2, 2010 …. . This is Israel Apartheid Week. According to the Israeli Apartheid Week Website, last year, more than 40 cities around the world participated in activities, which took place in the wake of “Israel’s brutal assault against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip”.

There is only one problem here.
Israel never has, does not and never will practice Apartheid.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Apartheid is defined as: “racial segregation; specifically a former policy of segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa.”

There is no mention of Israel here.

Israel has Arabs serving in her Parliament. Israel has Arabs serving in the Israel Defense Forces. Over 20,000 black Ethiopians live in Israel. Palestinians and their children sit next to me and my children at shopping centers and parks in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Kiryat Shomona, Hadera, Ashdod and Kfar Sava.

And, we all use the same toilets.

What Apartheid?

If true Apartheid does exist anywhere in the world today it is in Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria where women are not allowed to drive, must wear a full-length black gown known as an abaya and are not permitted to vote or run for office.

If we are truly searching for Apartheid, let’s remember 9/11, the London and Madrid bus bombings, Turkey, Paris, Moscow and several other nations and cities around the world which have suffered from Islamic Jihad – Holy War against all those who are not Jewish or Christian.

Israel does not control Gaza.

Gaza is occupied by Hamas. What Israel does do is allow tons of food, medical supplies and fuel into Gaza on a daily basis. And if Gaza lacks such things as Viagra and whiskey, they get these supplies through the tunnels they have built into Egypt.

Oh, did I mention the word Egypt?

Many Palestinians would have you think that Gaza is under siege by Israel. Funny how Israel allows a daily river of food and medicine into Gaza while the other border – Egypt – is totally ignored!

Egyptians are Arabs, should they not be helping their brothers?

Ya see, the government of Egypt and the Government of Israel as well as all Western democratic governments are now under attack by Islamic terror groups including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and al qaeda. These groups openly declared mission is to murder anyone who does not follow the Islam Koran (Quran).

Israel left Gaza years ago. Not one Israel civilian or Israel soldier lives or works in Gaza. Yet, Hamas continues to launch terror rockets into Israel – over 12,000 since Israel left Gaza. How would your government respond if there civilians were being attacked daily with Kassam, Katusha rockets and missiles?

They would defend themselves. That is exactly what Israel did in IDF Operation Cast Lead.

Last, but not least, if Israel was a racist state, what the hell was it doing in Haiti?

Why would Israel doctors, nurses and medics travel half way around the world to help black, non Jewish people after a devastating earthquake?

Some say PR. Would you risk your life for public relations among collapsing buildings, rampant disease and violent gangs?

So what is this Apartheid thing?

Is it nothing more and nothing less than a highly sophisticated PR campaign sponsored by and paid for by Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. In order to keep their governments alive and not have their own people rebel against unemployment and poverty they have chosen Israel as a convenient target to rally their people against.

Now let’s add a dose of anti-Semitism and neo Nazis to this brew.

This isn’t about Jews, say the organizers. It’s about Zionists. Problem is, the pro Islam, pro Palestinian activist groups behind Israel Apartheid Week are doing everything to erase the distinction.

According to the Montreal Gazette, one of those organizations, the Ottawa Public Interest Research Group, refused in 2008 to promote a lecture on Africa development because Jewish students at the University of Ottawa were organizing it. The event had no connection to Israel but OPIRG said it wouldn’t’t partner with the Jewish students’ union due to the latter’s “relationship to apartheid Israel.”

Of all the sponsors of Israeli Apartheid Week, the participation of gay and lesbian groups is most disheartening. Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz told an anecdote about the time he gave a speech and spotted an anti Israel sign in the crowd, held high by a gay rights group. Dershowitz reminded the protesters that Israel is the one country in the Middle East where they’d be able to hold a gay rights sign in public and not be lynched.

Gay Muslims have to flee to democratic countries if they want to come out. Israel itself recently took in a gay Palestinian from the West Bank town of Jenin.

Saudi Arabia officially prohibits the practice of non-Muslim religions, Egypt has persecuted its minority Christians, Turkey and other Muslim countries make sure the Kurds remain stateless and dispossessed – and campus activists couldn’t care less.

Searching for real Apartheid? Go to Saudi Arabia. Seeking those who spread lies, hate and support Islamic Jihad – go to your local campus and find those behind Israel Apartheid Week.
I am sure that the FBI and other well respected law enforcement agencies from democratic nations around the world have already done so.

Even former US President Jimmy Carter has apologized for writing a book entitled: “Palestine: Peace not Apartheid.”

People make mistakes. But make no mistake that there are people who are tying their very best to destroy Israel as a State.

For that’s what Israeli apartheid week is all about. As Michael Ignatieff noted during apartheid week last year, “International law defines ‘Apartheid’ as a crime against humanity. Labeling Israel an ‘Apartheid’ state is a deliberate attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish state itself.”

And this is only a very small part of the opening battle for those in Iran, Syria, Gaza and Saudi Arabia to destabilize Western democratic nations and replace them through both a physically destructive and digital Islamic Jihad PR campaign.

Just yesterday Iran Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi suggested that the resistance movements should “launch an all-out media and Internet campaign to highlight the Zionist regime’s atrocities in the occupied territories.”

“Media war will be of great help to raise the international community’s awareness about Israeli conducts,” the Iran minister said.

“The social networking sites could provide the ground for exposing the Zionist regime’s atrocities and through these networks they (Groups for Palestine) can start a full-scale war against global arrogance and Israel,” Moslehi told a conference entitled “National and Islamic Unity for the Future of Palestine”.

What can you do as a Jewish or Christian student on one these university campuses where those who wish to destroy democracy and replace democracy with Islamic or Shariah Law?

Create large signs such as: “Arabs Serve in the Knesset”, “Arabs Serve in the IDF”, “Black Ethiopians Are Equal in Israel”, “We Remember Israel Helping Black, Non-Jewish Haiti”, “Gays Are Legal in Israel”, “Israel Equals Democracy and Freedom”, “I Support Democracy” and “Stop Gender Apartheid in Gaza”.

Even more important, sign into Facebook and Twitter and confront those from Hamas, Iran and Islamic Jihad with solid arguments. Use videos from YouTube. If someone starts to harass you and or threatens your life, report them to Facebook or Twitter. Just make sure that you do not make any personal attacks as you don’t want to get yourself disabled. It’s a game. It’s called cyber warfare.

Play it smart.

If anything, the creation of a Palestine state today under Islamic Hamas rule would be nothing less than true apartheid. Funny, ain’t it?

Remember one thing. Israeli Apartheid Week is not about Israel.
It is all about democracy, freedom and the preservation of life.

The last sign you should create before you walk over to protest against those who wish to destroy Israel, the US, the UK and every modern democracy should read: “SAY NO TO ISLAMIC JIHAD”.


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