OC Human Relations Commission: Disruption of Orens speech “organized and systematic”.

The O C Human Relations Commission letter of commendation cited  U C Irvine  Police Chief Paul Henisey for among other things: having  prevented “violence which was brewing just under the surface as tempers ignited over the organized and systematic disruption of the speech. “

March 12, 2010
Paul Henisey, Chief
UCI Police Department
Irvine, CA 92657
Dear Chief Henisey:

….At the March 11, 2010 meeting the Commission and Board of Directors voted to officially commend you and the administration of UCI for your handling of the recent disruption of the speech of the Israeli Ambassador by Muslim student protesters. Including your leadership and action to: Read The letter here:

OC Human Relations Commission letter to UCI Chief Henisey

Source: U C Irvine Chancellors Page

(Courtesy of  Gary Fouse)


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