Former York University student allegedly called for a genocide “against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe.”

Student under hate-crime probe no longer at York

Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Thursday, April 01, 2010

York University said yesterday it had taken action against a student under police investigation for allegedly writing on a website that Jews should be killed.

“The person is no longer a student here,” said Alex Bilyk, the university’s director of media relations. Asked if that was a result of action by the university, he replied: “Yes.”

He declined to elaborate.

The university had already suspended Salman Hossain and ordered him to appear before a tribunal after the National Post reported that police were investigating him.

The Ontario Provincial Police hate crimes and extremism unit is probing Mr. Hossain over his alleged postings on a conspiracy-theory website called Filthy Jewish Terrorists.

On it, he allegedly referred to Jews, Christians and non-extremist Muslims using offensive terms and wrote that “a genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe.”

Mr. Hossain did not respond to an email yesterday but after the Post first reported on the police investigation, he was unapologetic and defended his support for a genocide against Jews.

Canada’s hate crimes law prohibits supporting or promoting genocide, as well as the communication of statements (other than in private conversation) that willfully promote hatred against an identifiable group.

Dave Ross, the OPP spokesman, said yesterday that police were still investigating.

Ontario’s Attorney-General, Chris Bentley, must approve charges. Last year, Mr. Bentley decided not to charge Mr. Hossain over another alleged hate crime incident partly because he was receiving counselling.

University administrators made “the only logical decision that could be reached in this case,” said Bernie Farber, CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

“Here was an individual who it is alleged advocated for the murder of all the Jews of Europe and North America.

“He was up until just recently a student at the university that ironically is the home to the largest

number of Jewish faculty and students in Canada. The only amazing thing is it took so long to come to this realization.”

Mr. Bilyk said the action against Mr. Hossain was not the result of a student conduct panel that had convened recently.

“I won’t go into the details and I can’t because of FIPPA [the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act] but the person is no longer a student here. That’s all I can tell you.”


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