UC Berkeley Alumnus: “I will never feel the same way about “my” university again.”

Special to the Daily Cal
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I was at the senate meeting on the night of March 17 but had to leave around 1 a.m. to take my son home because he has AP exams at his high school this week.

I must be na�ve, as I left believing by far the majority of you had seen that the Israeli-Palestinian issue was far too complex for you ASUC senators to pass a resolution recommending divestment from one side.

I knew too that, because you had the grades to get into UC Berkeley, you would react as I did to idiotic claims such that people shared, including seeing photos of Israeli children putting notes on missiles and bombs to be dropped on Gaza.

Every obvious lie like that (and there were so many) would make you question other, less obvious lies and there were even more of those.

I woke up the morning after to the news that the senate had passed the resolution 16-4.

I still am devastated. I drove past campus today and realized that my feelings for my alma mater have shifted.

Sixteen of you voted in favor of the motion (with its “try-to-feel-better-about-what-we-are-doing-here” amendments).

I will never feel the same way about “my” university again.

On the same day, my son told me on the way home from school that he has been deeply affected by what he heard at the meeting the previous night and the result the following morning. He wrote on his Facebook page that the experience has been life-changing.

I asked him whether he was planning to apply to UC Berkeley next year (he placed in the top 99 percent in his PSAT last year).

“Absolutely not,” he said immediately. “I would never want to be in a community where there is so much anti-Israel feeling.”

I don’t know what you can ever do to repair this, or to head off the destructive widening ripples such things cause.

A start would be for 16 of you to resign. Of course, I expected the ASUC President Will Smeko to veto this motion.

But then again, I guess I must be naive

Tags: Israel, ASUC Senate

Article Link: http://www.dailycal.org/article/109038


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