OCITF Letter to UC San Diego ASUCSD Senators:

The Orange County Independent Task force on Anti-Semitism strongly urges the ASUCSD Senate to vote against what is a clearly a biased, one sided and discriminatory resolution designed to single out the State of Israel and deny her the right to self defense.

It deliberately overlooks massive human rights violations occuring in Gaza, the West Bank as well as surrounding nations including Lebanon, Iran and Syria who have massed thousands missiles with the intent to ultimately destroy Israel.  Advocating Genocide is a crime in international law yet Iran’s president and religious leadership have repeatedly stated that “Israel will soon be wiped off the map”. They have denied the Holocaust and are in the process of developing nuclear weapons.

We urge you to vote against this misguided resolution.

Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism


To View the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency’s (FRA) working definition of anti-Semitism Click Here

For email addresses click  chancellor@ucsd.edu, president@ucop.edu, o1khan@ucsd.edu, jehrhart@ucsd.edu, thaglund@ucsd.edu, katiehall007@gmail.com, akenwort@ucsd.edu, bpena@ucsd.edu, dprevo@ucsd.edu, cbthomas@ucsd.edu, a6vu@ucsd.edu, k1hoang@ucsd.edu, tppham@ucsd.edu, mfvalent@ucsd.edu, bmceuen@ucsd.edu, rorear@ucsd.edu, lswerhon@ucsd.edu, velin@ucsd.edu, lswerhon@ucsd.edu, jnstorey@ucsd.edu, nmetildi@ucsd.edu, pnuth@ucsd.edu, jdcondel@ucsd.edu, MegChat101@gmail.com, iiahmed@ucsd.edu, a2powers@ucsd.edu, jsgrossm@ucsd.edu, awing@ucsd.edu asvpexternal@ucsd.edu, asvpfinance@ucsd.edu



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