Statement from the Israeli Consulate General regarding the Mavi Marmara incident:

Sent: Monday, May 31, 2010 2:55 PM
Subject: The Gaza Flotilla and the Maritime Blockade of Gaza

The Gaza Flotilla and the Maritime Blockade of Gaza

Israel regrets all loss of human life and injuries which came as result of the unfortunate events aboard the vessel Mavi Marmara on Monday, May 31. Continue reading

Update: Over 900 UCI students have thus far applied for refund of Student Fees for funding Hate speakers

The following procedure for obtaining refunds was initiated by a  U C Irvine Student:

* 1. UCI campus policy 83.20 reads: “Chancellors…shall establish procedures to allow a student to seek a refund of that portion of his or her fee which he or she believes continues to support political, ideological, or religious organizations or activities.” Continue reading

“Dozens” of Palm Springs High School students played game on Facebook called beat the Jew”

(Note: The Facebook page has been taken down)

Anti-Semitic student game spurs outrage

Michelle Mitchell • The Desert Sun • May 27, 2010

A game with anti-Semitic elements played by dozens of La Quinta High School students has offended many but isn’t illegal, officials said Wednesday. The game, called “Beat the Jew,” has caused “extreme disappointment,” but the 40 students involved can’t be punished because it happened off school property, Principal Donna Salazar said Wednesday. More

UCI spokeswoman: “the chancellor’s original message was sufficient.”

Groups denounce anti-Jewish speech at UC-Irvine

May 26, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (JTA) — Two Jewish groups are demanding that the chancellor at the University of California, Irvine denounce an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic speaker hosted by a campus Muslim group.

The Zionist Organization of America and the Orange County, Calif., chapter of the Anti-Defamation League have asked Michael Drake to condemn the May 13 speech by Amir Abdel Malik Ali and revoke the charter of the Muslim Student Union that hosted him. Continue reading

OC Jewish Federation now “asks” the University to “do the right thing”

Statement, via email from Shalom Elcott CEO of the Jewish Federation of Orange County”

“Jewish Federation Orange County remains hopeful concerning the current campus Judicial process. We ask the University to do the right thing regarding the 11 Muslim students arrested during the Oren even and  ” close the door on hate speech!”  We will continue supporting the University during this process and fully understand the significance of this investigation before rushing to judge”

By contrast  a press release issued by the Jewish Federation on  April 7, 2010: Continue reading

Are the OC Jewish Federation and Hillel “part of the problem.”?

A concerned community member organized this grass roots, peaceful demonstration against anti-Israel/ anti-Jewish hate at U C Irvine

Essay by Gary Fouse

This month’s Israel Apartheid Week at UC-Irvine proved one thing to me beyond all doubt. It cannot be left up to the university or the students (Jewish or non-Jewish) to counter the invective that flies around the campus during the anti-Israel events put on by Muslim Student Associations. Nor can one rely on the major national Jewish advocacy groups. It must come from the local community, both Jewish and non-Jewish to stand up and take a stand.

Let me explain why. Continue reading

“Nobody should pretend to be surprised. What is happening across North American campuses is happening with the consent and even collusion of university administrators.”

The inexcusable situation into which Jewish students are placed by their universities

Written by themiddle
Jewlicious  Blog

We’ve all seen the video of the Muslim Student Association student at UC San Diego, who, during their anti-Israel week’s events attended a David Horowitz lecture and said she was “for” Nasrallah’s statement that all the Jews should gather in Israel so as to make their extermination a simpler task. Continue reading