Another bland statement from Chancellor Drake

Immediately after  admitting support for three terrorist organizations,   Malik Ali   referred directly to  “Jews”  in  the audience, which included at least one Holocaust Survivor,  as “the new Nazis”.  Through-out hate week the MSU displayed  offensive and vile anti-Semitic posters , right outside of the UCI administration building which houses Drakes offices.  Yet, again Chancellor Drake issues a nameless and generic statement of condemnation:

Email courtesy of Gary Fouse:

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: From the Chancellor
From: “Michael V. Drake, Chancellor”
Date: Sat, May 15, 2010 5:30 pm
To: UCI Campus Community:;

“As I often do when events occur that breach our university’s
commitment to values and civility, I feel a necessity to speak out.
I’m speaking today of the offensive remarks supporting terrorism made
during the question period following a noontime lecture at the
flagpole on Thursday.

The past week included several speeches, lectures and discussions
providing opposing views on the Middle East conflict, one of the
world’s most troubling confrontations. Much of what was said was the
type of discourse on a difficult issue that is the hallmark of an
educational institution committed to an exchange of ideas. Some of
these views are very difficult and offensive to listen to. As is the
case on all campuses, events sponsored by campus organizations and
visitors may feature ideas and opinions that can be starkly different
from ours. But as we know, it is nevertheless incumbent upon us to
protect the freedom of speech of those who visit our campus to express
their views, even when we disagree.

Let me be clear: we condemn the speaker’s endorsement of terrorism.
Nothing could be more contrary to our fundamental values and our
commitment to dialogue and democratic rule, not violence. We are an
educational institution that promotes, practices and teaches
tolerance; these remarks supporting terrorism were deplorable.

As a public university our free speech venue is open to a broad range
of views, and we’re a stronger campus for doing that. But we will
never allow ourselves to be defined by the outside views of others.
They may speak here, but they don’t speak for us.”

See Also: Drake May 6th 2010 message Campus Climate Council


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