OC Jewish Federation now “asks” the University to “do the right thing”

Statement, via email from Shalom Elcott CEO of the Jewish Federation of Orange County”

“Jewish Federation Orange County remains hopeful concerning the current campus Judicial process. We ask the University to do the right thing regarding the 11 Muslim students arrested during the Oren even and  ” close the door on hate speech!”  We will continue supporting the University during this process and fully understand the significance of this investigation before rushing to judge”

By contrast  a press release issued by the Jewish Federation on  April 7, 2010:

Jewish Federation Orange County Demands UCI Action

“If true, this evidence clearly implicates the MSU, and the situation must be dealt with firmly and quickly,” declared Elcott. “This information leaves no doubt that the MSU conspired in the purposeful disruption of a visiting diplomat’s address to the community. Our initial review leaves no doubt that the MSU leadership and their followers intentionally lied to UCI officials. It is time for the university to bring civility back to the campus, and we are addressing our concerns directly with UCI officials.”

…And this  from  the February 18, 2010  Jweekly.com:

Jewish leaders want U.C. Irvine to react powerfully

“While it’s nice to condemn hate speech in general, we expect a very specific response from the University of California leadership based on what transpired in that room,” he said.

In addition to prosecuting the students “to the fullest extent of the law,” Elcott said he expects future activities of the Muslim Students Union to be closely scrutinized and would like to see their programming stripped of public funding.

See also:

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Is UC Irvine “dragging its feet”?


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  1. What a joke. One day it’s be tough and demand-now it’s request.

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