KCRW-NPR Radio Interview and debate with UC Law Dean Chemerinsky and MSU attorney Reem Salahi

Which Way, L.A.?

At UC Irvine, Campus Rules and the First Amendment

“UC Irvine wants to ban a Muslim student group for orchestrating a plan to shout down the Israeli ambassador during a speech on the campus. Would a ban violate the students’ rights to free speech and association? What if they lied to university officials about their role in advance planning….?”

Christian Group weighs in on UC Irvine recommendation

Jun 16,2010, 9:52AM

It’s About Time: University of California at Irvine Defends Free Speech by Disciplining Hecklers

Author: ADF Litigation Staff Counsel Joe Martins

I don’t get surprised very often when I read the latest academic news. But today, I was. A university actually took a strong stand against the disruptive tactics of a student group bent on silencing campus speech. Continue reading