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KPPC Reports: Grand Jury Looking Into Oren Disruption

(Video courtesy OC Register)

OC grand jury investigates protest at UC Irvine of Israeli diplomat’s speech

KPCC has learned that the Orange County grand jury is investigating the Feb. 2010 disruption of an Israeli diplomat’s speech at UC Irvine.

Members of UCI’s Muslim Student Union have been called to testify before the grand jury about the organization’s role in the disruption of a speech by Michael Oren, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S.

Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of UC Irvine’s law school, says he does not believe the students who disrupted Oren’s speech should face the risk of criminal charges.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office says the law prevents it from confirming or denying any activities related to the grand jury.

TMZ: Jewish Hockey Player Files Suit Against Anaheim Ducks. Alleges “Anti-Semitic Verbal Attacks”

Anaheim Ducks Accused of Abusing Jewish Player

1/25/2011 3:55 PM PST by TMZ Staff

A Jewish hockey player drafted by the Anaheim Ducks is suing the team — claiming coaches within the organization launched multiple “verbal anti-Semitic attacks” … TMZ has learned.

23-year-old Jason Bailey — a 3rd round NHL pick in 2005 — claims from the moment the Ducks assigned him to play for an affiliate team called the Bakersfield Condors … his coaches unleashed a “barrage of anti-Semitic, offensive and degrading verbal attacks.” Continue reading

More On the Olive Tree Initiative

EXCERPT: “A reasonable enough resolution has been raised by the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism, which has formally asked  the Orange County Jewish Federation to adopt the Jewish Community of San Francisco’s guidelines for funding. Among other things, the guidelines prohibit funding for any activities that “advocate for, or endorse, undermining the legitimacy of Israel as a secure independent, democratic Jewish state, including through participation in the [BDS] movement, in whole or in part.” Whether such a measure or other reconciliatory actions will be undertaken by the federation is sadly unclear. The need for such action, however, is not.”

Dialogue and Deceit

by Nichole Hungerford Front Page Magazine –Jan 25, 2010

The psychological war against Israel is silently securing a foothold in the U.S. before our very eyes.  The latest example is a controversial student program known as the Olive Tree Initiative (OTI), which has bamboozled many peace-minded individuals, even those in the usually vigilant Jewish community. Continue reading

Conference of European Rabbis Expression of Concern Over the Olive Tree Initiative

The following Letter of concern from Rabbi Abba Dunner, Executive Director of the Conference of European Rabbis, was copied to the OCITF  and is being forwarded with Rabbi Dunner’s permission:

From: Aba Dunner
Sent: 19 January 2011 12:30
To: ‘shalom@jfoc.org’
Subject: Olive Tree
Attention Mr Shalom Elcott: 

Dear Mr Elcott,

We are the Conference of European Rabbis, the umbrella organisation of all European Chief Rabbis and Rabbis and their communities in Europe.
We understand that your Federation is sponsoring students from California to participate in programmes organised by the Olive Tree organisation. Surely this can’t be right. This organisation is clearly an anti Israel body that has a definite agenda which is to delegitimize Israel.
For a Jewish organisation to sponsor Jewish students to participate in such programmes is quite wrong.  As we all know, students can so easily be influenced to adopt ideas and dogmas especially when they are at odds with the ideas of their peers. This new trend, which is to expose youth to all that is available is valid up to a point. But not when it endangers the continuity of the Jewish people.
It would be sad if these youngsters returned to California and joined anti Israel protests, marches and organisations, just because your Federation felt that this exposure was important for their education.
We ask you in all sincerity to cancel any support for Olive Tree and to desist from sending anyone to their programmes. Rather, your Federation should carefully monitor what they are doing and take action to counteract their activities.
Rabbi Aba Dunner
Executive Director
Conference of European Rabbis

Anti-Semitic Vandalism in Montreal Canada “Increasing in intensity and frequency.”

Jewish official: Montreal acts of vandalism are not isolated

January 17, 2011

TORONTO (JTA) — Acts of vandalism at five Jewish facilities in suburban Montreal are not isolated, according to the head of the city’s Jewish Community Security Coordinating Committee.

Windows were smashed early Monday morning at four synagogues and a Jewish school in the heavily Jewish suburbs of Cote Saint-Luc and Hampstead.

Rabbi Reuben Poupko, the security committee’s chairman, said the vandals likely attacked early Monday, at approximately 2 a.m.

“There have been similar incidents over the past few months that haven’t garnered any attention,” he told the Montreal Gazette. “It’s increasing in intensity and frequency.” Continue reading

Does the OTI “provide an illusory cover for the (UCI) administration’s lack of will to address the existence of anti-Semitism on its campus”?

Leila Beckwith is professor emeritus of pediatrics at UCLA
A fig leaf is a device intended to conceal something regarded as shameful or indecent.  At the University of California at Irvine (UCI), the administration uses the Olive Tree Initiative (OTI)  to provide an illusory cover for the administration’s lack of will to address the existence of anti-Semitism on its campus; its lack of resoluteness to condemn anti-Semitism when it occurs; its laxity about enforcing University of California policies to combat anti-Semitism.   But for those with a discerning eye, the fig leaf actually reveals the shame it was intended to conceal.
As described in “A Blind Eye to Campus Anti-Semitism” by Kenneth Marcus , September 2010, 
…during the first years of the 21st century, the virus of anti-Semitism was unleashed with a vengeance    in Irvine, California. There, on the campus of the University of California at Irvine, Jewish students were physically and verbally harassed, threatened, shoved, stalked, and targeted by rock-throwing groups and individuals. Jewish property was defaced with swastikas, and a Holocaust memorial was vandalized. Signs were posted on campus showing a Star of David dripping with blood. Jews …were called “dirty Jew” and “fucking Jew,” told to “go back to Russia” and “burn in hell. ”  Continue reading