Is the Olive Tree Initative Now Working With Pro-BDS Students for Justice In Palestine and the Jewish Voice for Peace?

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Human Rights and Hip Hop @ UCSC

Wednesday, March 2 · 7:30pm – 10:00pm

Kresge Town Hall
UCSC Campus
Santa Cruz, CA

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Come join the UCSC Committee for Justice in Palestine for a FREE Hip Hop event featuring performances by British human rights activists and acclaimed performers Lowkey, Shadia Mansour, and Logic, and a presentation by human rights activist/blogger Jody McIntyre! They will be speaking out about the Palestinian struggle for human rights and self-determination and other social justice issues.

There will also be tables with information from Jewish Voice for Peace, The Olive Tree Initiative, and other human rights organizations. Continue reading

Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP) Sponsoring Pro Boycott Divestment and Sanction (BDS) Jewish “Activists” at UC Irvine

 The following was forwarded to the OCITF.  The link is from facebook

Silencing Palestinian Activism: Jewish Voices Fight Back

Monday, February 28 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Crystal Cove Auditorium, UCI

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Come to this exciting panel featuring three activists sharing Jewish perspectives on Palestinian solidarity activism. The speakers are:

-Matan Cohen, co-founder of the Israeli direct action anti-occupation group Anarchists Against the Wall and coordinator for Hampshire College’s divestment from Israel campaign

-Estee Chandler, from Jewish Voice for Peace, America’s largest Jewish grassroots peace group, which advocates democracy, …human rights, and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine

-Rachel Roberts, from Young Jewish and Proud, a project created by young leaders within Jewish Voice for Peace

The three activists will discuss their experiences as well as the role students play in Palestinian solidarity activism and what we can do to get involved. They will also connect their struggles to the ongoing attempt to silence Palestinian activism at UCI and other university campuses, providing a powerful challenge to the Zionist narrative that claims that “pro-Palestinian activism threatens Jewish students.”

The panel and following discussion is sure to be interesting, insightful, and lively. Bring your friends and come!

Conference Convened to Confront Campus anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism

Fighting the Campus Jihad

 Fern Sidman on Feb 24th, 2011 FrontPage

On Wednesday, February 16th, a most unique and historic colloquium was convened in Toronto by the Advocates For Civil Liberties (ACL), a new and dynamic organization of attorneys, professionals and concerned citizens dedicated to spotlighting the egregious manifestations of anti-Israel propaganda on university campuses across North America. The day-long symposium that drew over 400 people was entitled “When Middle East Politics Invade Campus,” and was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Toronto. The forum featured a panoply of distinguished speakers, including such vibrant and erudite intellectual personalities as Israel National News op-ed contributor, Dr. Phyllis Chesler, emerita professor of psychology and women’s studies at CUNY. Dr. Chesler is also journalist, noted lecturer and author of 13 books including, “The New Anti-Semitism” and “The Death of Feminism.” Continue reading

Montreal’s Jewish Community Launches “Buycott” Campaign

BDS (Boycott Divest Sanction) Movement. Is there any difference?

Montreal city council condemns boycott of Israeli shoes

February 23, 2011

TORONTO (JTA) — Montreal’s city council has condemned the boycott campaign against a local shoe store that sells footwear made in Israel.

A council motion deploring the campaign, proposed and supported by Mayor Gerard Tremblay, passed Tuesday by a vote of 38 to 16.

Those voting against the resolution said they would not support a motion denying protesters the right of free speech and expression.

The boycott of the le Marcheur store, which sells the Israeli-made Beautifeel line of women’s shoes, was launched last fall by the group Palestinian and Jewish Unity and supported by other activists as part of a worldwide boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel. Continue reading

Students For Justice in Palestine Shuts Down Lecture Hosted by Edinburgh University Jewish Society

The SJP in “action” Feb. 2, 2010:
 Liam | 03.02.2011 12:43
Edinburgh University Students for Justice in Palestine successfully shut down a lecture last night by Ishmael Khaldi, advisor to Israel’s foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The event, hosted by the University’s Jewish society and held in Lecture Theatre 1 of Appleton Tower, was re-arranged only the night before after the International Relations society refused to host Khaldi, due to the fact that Palestinian were living under “Apartheid”

The talk was scheduled to start at 5pm but was delayed until 5.30pm, with the organisers citing ‘security concerns’. When it did eventually get under way, one SJP member interrupted immediately shouting “Where is the freedom of speech for the 1,500 massacred in Gaza? Where is the freedom of speech for the Palestinian students in Israeli dungeons?”

 The protesters – approximately 50 people – were the majority of the audience and compromised of students activists, members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and members of the local Palestinian community. The demonstrators proceeded to occupy the platform of the lecture theatre and chanted slogans such “From Cairo to Ramallah, globalise the Intifada”, “Boycott Israel” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. Continue reading

The Hypocrisy Continues: Palestine “Awareness” Week at UCLA. With Featured Guest Speaker Malik Ali

To View the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency’s (FRA) working definition of anti-Semitism Click Here .

While North Africa and the Middle East roil in violence and oppression:

The Students for Justice (only?) in Palestine at UCLA Presents:

Palestine Awareness Week: The End to Oppression

SJP’s annual Palestine Awareness Week is finally here! Palestine Awareness week is a week of packed day and night programming, where we educate our campus on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. During this week, we’re going to be advocating for: Continue reading

Yeshiva World News: Anti-Semitic Demonstration In Front Of The Synagogue In Tunisia


Report from: Yeshiva World News Feb 15, 2010

““Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad saya’ud,” which means “Jews, remember Khyabar, the army of Mohammed is returning.” This cry relates to an event in the seventh century when Muslims massacred and expelled Jews from the town of Khaybar, in modern-day Arabia.”