Groups Plan Protest of “Anti-Semitic” Speakers In Yorba Linda (Updated)

Note: Amir Abdel Malik Ali has appeared on numerous occasions at UC Irvine sponsored by the Muslim Student Union .  In this  May 2010 video ,  Malik Ali  proclaims his support for Hamas and Hesbollah and declares:  “You Jews…y’all the new Nazis!!” In this 2006  video , courtesy Southern Poverty Law Center ,  Malik Ali blames  “Zionist Jews” for the infamous Dutch cartoons. (OCITF)

The following was forwarded to the O C Task Force:

UPDATE: Peaceful Protest begins Sunday  at 3:00PM

Islamic Supremacists Siraj Wahhaj and Amir Abdel Malik Ali To Hold Muslim Brotherhood-linked Fundraiser

Orange County Conservatives Unite in Peaceful Protest

The Yorba Linda Community center will be the location of two activists: Imam Siraj Wahhah & Br. Amir Abdel Malik on Sunday, February 13, 5:30-9:30pm, with Islamic Circle for North America. Both men have denounced Israel, support Hamas and terrorism. Imam spoke at University of California at Irvine in May 2010 and his support of terrorism was condemned by Chancellor Michael Drake. Drake released this statement on May 15, 2010, on behalf of the University, “Let me be clear: we condemn the speaker’s endorsement of terrorism….these remarks supporting terrorism were deplorable.”


Pro-American organizations are partnering together to peacefully demonstrate at the Yorba Linda Community Center on Sunday. The requests to the City of Yorba Linda, the Mayor of Yorba Linda, and Community Center to have the event cancelled are being addressed but their hands are tied because of free speech laws – the event is still scheduled for Sunday. The North Orange County Conservative Coalition, Tea Party Patriots, California Republican Assembly Yorba Linda-Placentia, ACT! for America, Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment, and others will show up Sunday to peacefully protest the anti-American, anti-Semitic movement with American flags only.

Note: Chancellor Drake Referred to Malik Ali as “the speaker”, but did not mention him by name. OCITF:


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