The Hypocrisy Continues: Palestine “Awareness” Week at UCLA. With Featured Guest Speaker Malik Ali

To View the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency’s (FRA) working definition of anti-Semitism Click Here .

While North Africa and the Middle East roil in violence and oppression:

The Students for Justice (only?) in Palestine at UCLA Presents:

Palestine Awareness Week: The End to Oppression

SJP’s annual Palestine Awareness Week is finally here! Palestine Awareness week is a week of packed day and night programming, where we educate our campus on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. During this week, we’re going to be advocating for:

• An end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

… • The establishment of either a fully independent and viable Palestinian state in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, or of one secular, democratic state over all of modern-day Israel and Palestine.

• An end to Israel’s system of apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as well as its system of discrimination against the Arab population within its own borders.

• A just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.

The main purpose of this week is to come together and UNITE, use what we know about this conflict and educate ourselves, and our UCLA student body. promote justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for the Palestinian people.
This year, our events include:

February 22nd
Mock Checkpoints
Come on out to see the demonstration we’ll be having near the wall-based off real live checkpoints.

February 23rd
Voices for Victims
This event is going to entail real life stories written on the shirts of the members of the Palestine Awareness Week committee-Ask them about their story!

A People’s Determination to be Free
Speaker: Amir Abdel Malik
The Civil Rights struggle in contrast to Palestine and current Middle Eastern Affairs.
Moore 100 7-8 PM

February 24th
UN Rally
Did you know that Israel has broken over 60 human rights violations according to the United Nations? In this demonstration, you’ll learn how illegal Israel’s actions and policies towards the Palestinian people are according to United Nations international Law. Come out and learn which Human rights violations were broken, and how we can hold our own government accountable for this!

Palestine: The Unspoken Truth
Speakers: Dr Hatem Bazian and Alison Weir
An in depth analysis of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict going beyond the headlines of mass media.
Moore 100 7-8:30 PM

End of Week 8 (Feb 24-25)
Visions of the Wall
A collection of art pieces done by students of the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict.
Kerckhoff Art Gallery

Refreshments will be served at BOTH night events.

Look out for:

-We’ll be selling T shirts and Hattas (Palestinian scarves) towards the end of this week, and ALL throughout PAW on bruin walk.

***The speakers do not represent the views of the entire club, for SJP is a very diverse club. With a diverse range of events going on throughout the entire week, Palestine Awareness week represents the different styles of its members as well as the club itself.

Still want to get involved? MESSAGE US!

Lets do this!

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