UC Berkeley Students Tackle World Wide “Israel Apartheid Week”

Note:  At least three major anti-Israel, BDS, events were held on the UC Irvine campus , sponsored by the Students for “Justice” in Palestine.   On February 28,  Jewish Voice for Peace  ”activists” at least one of  whom claimed to have disrupted  Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in November 2010, proudly proclaimed that those who defended Israel did not deserve the right to free speech;  And that those who defended Israel on campuses like UCI should “not feel safe”and should  simply “deal with it”. Sadly,  Jewish Community leaders were conspicuously absent, as well as,  from other recent anti-Israel exhibitions at UCI including  Ben White and  Jeff Halper.

Click here for a list of participating  universities including University of California Campus groups who are addressing this world-wide anti-Israel and anti-Semitic assault.  Note:  UC Irvine is not on this list as of this date, however, UCI pro Israel groups are slated to respond in May,  with the  ” iFest

Israeli Peace and Diversity Week 2011

(from Facebook)

Here is UC Berkeley’s schedule for the week:

Monday 3/7

“Teach Peace”
There will only be peace when children are taught to want peace, not war. Israel teaches its children to want peace with its neighbors.
Sproul Plaza 11a-2p

“Life Under Fire: The Israeli Victims of Hamas Terrorism”
A presentation by Yaakov Lappin about how rocket attacks from Gaza have affected the lives of the Southern Israeli civilians they are deliberately aimed at.
215 Dwinelle 7-9p

Tuesday 3/8

“Human Rights in Israel”
Israel has an excellent human rights record, including equal rights under the law for all citizens regardless of ethnicity, freedom of religion, women’s equality, and gay rights.
Sproul Plaza 11a-2p

“Art Meets Justice: Portrait of the Israeli Artist as a Social Justice Activist”
A presentation by Netally Schlosser, a world-renowned painter, also known for her activism to improve the lives of Darfur refugees who have found asylum in Israel. Netally works with refugees in Tel Aviv’s poorest neighborhoods to create multicultural events that promote understanding and tolerance for all backgrounds.
160 Dwinelle 7-9p

Wednesday 3/9

“Peace Rally”
Our annual rally celebrating Israel and its quest for peace. There will be music, Israeli folk dancing, a performance by the Jewish vocal group Kol Hadov, and more!
Sproul Plaza 12-1p

Thursday 3/10

“The Path to Peace”
Israel’s many attempts for peace and history of being a willing partner for peaceful cooperation.
Sproul Plaza 11a-2p

“Forgotten Refugees: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa”
A presentation by JIMENA about the return of Jews to their homeland in Israel after being persecuted in and expelled from Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
110 Barrows 8-9:30p


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