Is UC Irvine OK With Olive Tree Initiative Students Meeting with Hamas?


In an article in today’s OC Register, UC Irvine official Cathy Lahawn was quoted as saying ” meeting with people of many different points of view is consistent with (Olive Tree’s) mission.” “Their stated mission is to hear varying points of view, and to take people of varying points of view over there,” Lawhon said. “It’s not a homogenous group at all.”  By contrast in a statement appearing in todays Issue of  JTA “Jewish Federation Official”  Jay Feldman is quoted as saying ” The federation demanded that the university investigate the incident. The university did, and later acknowledged that the meeting was inappropriate and unapproved ”  “The individual who led the trip was reprimanded, and the university pledged that the incident would not repeat itself — and it hasn’t.”  According to the Register article “Lawhon said more trips to the Mideast have taken place since 2009, but that she is unaware if additional meetings with Duwaik or other Hamas officials were held.” Continue reading