Olive Tree Initiative Leader: “Each side has engineered a campaign so clever, so manipulative and self-destructive..”

The following  is an excerpt  from a comment posted by a Jewish  member of the Olive Tree Initiative in response to our post  Olive Tree Initiatives “nefarious”connections?   His entire comment can be read by scrolling down to the bottom of the post to the comment section.  Are these the words of a student who has become overwhelmingly supportive of Israel, or do they belie the naive notion espoused by proponents of the Olive Tree Initiative, including Jewish Federation Leaders? :That Jewish students become overwhelmingly pro-Israel by belonging to an organization which gives a platform to those who unambiguously wish to harm Israel and the Jewish people.

Judge for yourself:

“….each side believes they know the truth, and takes unprecedented steps towards disseminating such truths. Additionally each side perceives themselves in the right, and expects international solidarity against the “other”. The conflict has evolved into an international industry, a media enterprise whose sole concern is to gain popular support at the expense of civilians. Each side has engineered a campaign so clever, so manipulative and self-destructive that its intention to sway the international community ends up cultivating deep resentment and entrenched hatred.”

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