Were OC Jewish Federation Leader(s) Planning to visit London to argue in favor of the Olive Tree Initiative?

The following is an excerpt from a post by Gary Fouse on his blog Fousesquawk:

In his final months, Rabbi Dunner had expressed his concern over the Olive Tree Initiative. He was so concerned about it that last January, he wrote a public letter to the Orange County Jewish Federation  asking them to reconsider Federation funding and support for this UC-Irvine-based project. In response, Rabbi Dunner was inundated with letters, e-mails and phone calls from  OTI supporters. In late January,  he received a correspondence from the embattled Federation  asking for a March meeting in London, where Dunner was based. The Federation informed Dunner that it would be sending a group to London to discuss the OTI  with the rabbi. Dunner wrote back informing the  Federation that he (Dunner) would be out of town and not available.

All of which raises the question of what business does the Orange County Jewish Federation have in sending a group of  their leaders to London to argue on behalf of the Olive Tree Initiative-and what funding would be used to finance such travel.