“Why do those who speak out against anti-Semitism suffer so much hostility from many of the Jewish organizations who should be the loudest voices?”

By Gary Fouse


Stella Paul of Stellapundit has sent me this article she wrote in American Thinker entitled, “Jews in the Basement”. It is strongly written and is strongly critical of certain Jewish men whom Paul deems have not stood up to anti-Semitism. It is certainly thought provoking.


This is an issue that I have encountered myself in my efforts to call out instances of anti-Semitism. It certainly does not apply to all Jewish men (or women for that matter). I can name plenty of Jewish men who are actively standing up to anti-Semitism. David Horowitz is certainly no shrinking violet. My friend Ted Bleiweis of the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism is one of my closest colleagues as well as Dee Sterling in Orange County, who has endured a vicious backlash from the more established figures and organizations in Orange County for her activism and criticism of their own inaction. Continue reading