Rutgers Hillel fights campus Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism; Gets community involved.

The event caught the attention of Jewish leaders from surrounding communities, and almost 400 people showed up to protest

Rutgers Hillel celebrates successes in combating anti-Israelism on campus

Jacob Binstein, New Jersey Jewish Standard
June 3, 2011 (From IJCR)

It was a tough year for friends of Israel on the Rutgers campus.

But last Tuesday night, at the Rutgers Hillel Gala held in Livingston, student activists got a warm reminder that they don’t stand alone as community leaders from all corners of the state came out to support the 68-year-old campus organization. Continue reading

Vandals Attack Chabad House, Hillel Center at Indiana University. Holy Texts Desecrated

More attacks hit Jewish targets at Indiana Univ.

December 1, 2010

(JTA) — Three new attacks on Jewish targets at Indiana University, following two earlier incidents, included the desecration of holy texts.

A rock was thrown Tuesday morning through the window of an apartment above the Chabad Jewish student center, located just off the university campus, nearly hitting a student and putting a hole in the opposite wall. Four non-Jewish students live in the Chabad apartment.

Less than an hour later, a rock was thrown at the staff directory glass display case for the Robert A. and Sandra B. Borns Jewish Studies Program, causing damage.

On Monday evening, eight religious volumes in Hebrew removed from shelves at a university library were urinated on in eight different bathrooms in the library area, according to reports. Continue reading

Is Hillels leadership finally willing to acknowledge and deal with campus anti-Semitism?

(Beyond Hooka lounges, belly dancing and souvenir stands?)

Hillel students and professionals gear up to face anti-Israel campus activism

By Sue Fishkoff · August 16, 2010

ST. LOUIS (JTA) — Amanda Boris is nervous about what she’ll face when classes resume at the University of Wisconsin later this month.

“There’s an uncomfortable amount of anti-Semitism on my campus,” said the incoming senior. Continue reading

Is Hillel’s new mission to (finally) fight anti-Semitism at UC Irvine?

According to the O C register “article”,  “Hillel has another important role: combating the anti-Jewish/anti-Israel hate”. Continue reading

Jewish students “isolated and threatened” on Toronto campus

From JTA:

Cops quell anti-Israel attack at York U

By Ron Csillag · February 13, 2009

TORONTO (JTA) — Toronto police quelled tensions between Jews and anti-Israel activists at the campus of one of Canada’s largest universities for the second time in two weeks.

Hillel@York, the on-campus club for Jewish students at Toronto’s York University, said that anti-Israel activists “isolated and threatened Jewish students” during a Feb. 12 news conference on the fallout from a three-month-long strike that ended recently at York.

Jewish students allegedly were subjected to anti-Semitic slurs and physically intimidated. The anti-Israel activists allegedly barricaded Jewish students in Hillel’s office. Continue reading

Students express concerns about UC Irvine

From JTA:

Students express concerns about UC Irvine
Published: 04/02/2008A group of current and former University of California, Irvine students are “deeply concerned” about anti-Semitism on their campus.In a news release issued earlier this week, 20 students countered an earlier release from Jewish student leaders at UC Irvine denying anti-Semitism was a serious problem on their campus and defended the administration’s handling of the matter.

“We are current and former students at UC Irvine who are deeply concerned about the anti-Semitism at UCI that has been frequently couched as false and hateful attacks on Israel,” the new release said. “We do not believe that UCI Chancellor Michael Drake has exercised his responsibility as an educator and university leader in response to the anti-Semitism.”

One of the signers of the new release says he attends California State University, Fullerton.

The release also repeated earlier criticism of the decision by Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life to provide Drake with a “coveted platform” to speak at its recent summit in Washington.


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