Jewish Student Files Complaint Against York University Alleging “Physical and Verbal Abuse, Hostile envirnment”

March 25  2011

TORONTO (JTA) —  A York University student filed a complaint with Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal alleging the university tolerated an environment hostile to Jews.

Sammy Katz claims that he and other students were subject to physical and verbal abuse at a pro-Israel event on the university’s Toronto campus in February 2010. Continue reading

Former York University student allegedly called for a genocide “against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe.”

Student under hate-crime probe no longer at York

Stewart Bell, National Post Published: Thursday, April 01, 2010

York University said yesterday it had taken action against a student under police investigation for allegedly writing on a website that Jews should be killed. Continue reading

“York University event cancelled due to the participation of individuals they claim invite the animus of anti-Israel campus agitators.”

(Courtesy of Tammi  Benjamin)

York University discriminates against Christian and Jewish coalition ahead of Israel Apartheid Week

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

TORONTO – At the last minute, York University has cancelled events organized by a coalition of Canadian pro-Israel students and organizations due to “security” concerns. The events organized by the Imagine With Us coalition were scheduled for this week in anticipation of Israel Apartheid Week (IAW), which begins on March 1. Continue reading

Student discusses how the college campus has become a hub of anti-semitism

Anti-Semitism on Campus—An Easy Target

Student David Elmaleh discusses how the college campus has become a hub of anti-semitism

Shouting, anti-religious slurs, evil glares and anti-Semitic rhetoric often get thrown my way as I walk through the halls during one of the countless anti-Israel demonstrations at York University. Am I a walking target? I often wonder if I am drawing a bull’s eye for myself when I dress in a way that identifies me as a Jew on campus. Indeed, the distinction between anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish is becoming increasingly blurred.

In several cases, these rallies have deteriorated into soapboxes for Jew bashing. I have been called names and been insulted for simply wearing my kippah. One day, while hurrying to a class, a few individuals stopped me in the hallway and began berating me about Israeli policies.

The campus newspaper has not been very helpful; it consistently presents editorials and articles that blast Israel, while very few pro-Israel pieces make it into the paper. Last year, after the fatal terrorist attack at the Mercaz HaRav yeshivah in Jerusalem, a York student wrote an op-ed for the campus paper entitled “Jewish Attack Not a Surprise,” which defended the massacre and called on continued resistance in order to end the occupation in Gaza. Jewish students of all walks of life felt outraged and hurt that their paper had printed such a hate-inspired editorial. It sparked intense debate among all factions of students, and, as usual, Jews were targeted.

Below is my response to the op-ed. Continue reading

Toronto Jews welcome York University task force

March 18, 2009

NEW YORK (JTA) — Toronto Jewish leaders welcomed the establishment of a task force to review concerns about the student environment at York University. Continue reading