Muslim Student Associations Monitored by Police

NYPD monitored Muslim students all over Northeast

NEW YORK (AP) — The New York Police Department monitored Muslim college students far more broadly than previously known, at schools far beyond the city limits, including the elite Ivy League colleges of Yale and the University of Pennsylvania, The Associated Press has learned.

Police talked with local authorities about professors 300 miles (480 kilometers) away in Buffalo and even sent an undercover agent on a whitewater rafting trip, where he recorded students’ names and noted in police intelligence files how many times they prayed.

Detectives trawled Muslim student websites every day and, although professors and students had not been accused of any wrongdoing, their names were recorded in reports prepared for Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Asked about the monitoring, police spokesman Paul Browne provided a list of 12 people arrested or convicted on terrorism charges in the United States and abroad who had once been members of Muslim student associations, which the NYPD referred to as MSAs. Jesse Morton, who this month pleaded guilty to posting online threats against the creators of the animated TV show “South Park,” had once tried to recruit followers at Stony Brook University on Long Island, Browne said.

“As a result, the NYPD deemed it prudent to get a better handle on what was occurring at MSAs,” Browne said in an email. He said police monitored student websites and collected publicly available information, but did so only between 2006 and 2007.

“I see a violation of civil rights here,” said Tanweer Haq, chaplain of the Muslim Student Association at Syracuse. “Nobody wants to be on the list of the FBI or the NYPD or whatever. Muslim students want to have their own lives, their own privacy and enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that everybody else has.”

In recent months, the AP has revealed secret programs the NYPD built with help from the CIA to monitor Muslims at the places where they eat, shop and worship. The AP also published details about how police placed undercover officers at Muslim student associations in colleges within the city limits; this revelation has outraged faculty and student groups.

Though the NYPD says it follows the same rules as the FBI, some of the NYPD’s activities go beyond what the FBI is allowed to do.

Kelly and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg repeatedly have said that the police only follow legitimate leads about suspected criminal activity.

But the latest documents mention no wrongdoing by any students.

In one report, an undercover officer describes accompanying 18 Muslim students from the City College of New York on a whitewater rafting trip in upstate New York on April 21, 2008. The officer noted the names of attendees who were officers of the Muslim Student Association.

“In addition to the regularly scheduled events (Rafting), the group prayed at least four times a day, and much of the conversation was spent discussing Islam and was religious in nature,” the report says.

Praying five times a day is one of the core traditions of Islam.

Jawad Rasul, one of the students on the trip, said he was stunned that his name was included in the police report.

“It forces me to look around wherever I am now,” Rasul said.

But another student, Ali Ahmed, whom the NYPD said appeared to be in charge of the trip, said he understood the police department’s concern.

“I can’t blame them for doing their job,” Ahmed said. “There’s lots of Muslims doing some bad things and it gives a bad name to all of us, so they have to take their due diligence.” Continue reading

LA Jewish Journal on MSU Suspension: Quotes Statement from OC Task Force

September 7, 2010

UCI upholds sanction on Muslim Student Union

Decision cuts group’s yearlong suspension to four months.

by Lisa Armony, Contributing Writer

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) has upheld its decision to sanction its Muslim Student Union (MSU), though it cut short the group’s yearlong suspension to four months. The group may not officially use university facilities during the fall 2010 quarter, recruit new members or raise funds, all part of the fallout for what school officials deemed the MSU’s violation of university codes of conduct related to the repeated disruption of a speech on campus in February by Michael Oren, Israel’s ambassador to the United States. Continue reading

UC Irvine students, community members: MSU “don’t bring hatred to our community”

A concerned community member organized this grass roots, peaceful protest against Malik Ali’s message of hate:

Malik Ali  a supporter of Hamas,  Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad,  is shown here exercising his First Amendment rights while hypocritically declaring that Ambassador Oren has “forfeited his First Amendment rights….”

Continue reading

After many years of student complaints, OC Jewish Federation finally “demands action” at UCI. Federation CEO alleges “cover-up”?

(Meanwhile UCI’s “Internal investigation” into alleged  MSU/Viva Palestina /Hamas fundraiser enters 7th month)

Jewish Federation Orange County Demands UCI Action

New evidence allegedly shows that the University of California, Irvine Muslim Student Union orchestrated the repeated disruptions of a speech given by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren earlier this year. Continue reading

Olive Trees at UC Irvine? Someone didn’t get the Message



A. Use by University-Related Persons and Groups “….Whenever an event is sponsored by a registered campus organization, it must be reviewed by the Office of the Dean of Students, as appropriate, for compliance with University policies and procedures.”


In addition to the “apartheid wall”, displays like these lined Ring Road on 5/14/09, courtesy of MSU and their co-sponsors.


During Malik Ali’s traditional noontime bash of “Zionist Jews”, Israel and America, he renewed his call for “civil disobedience”.  He also blamed Somali piracy on  “fishing Rights”and the  West’s “dumping of nuclear waste ” in Somali Waters.

Additional photos click on:

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A newer low is achieved: Mocking Anne Franks Memory

Chancellor Michael Drake has a Constitutional right and the moral duty to unequivocally and unambiguously, speak out against the hatred on his campus. He has not.


Note:   The offensive Anne Frank picture was eventually covered with a scarf. Thanks to the OC Task Force Executive Vice President Robert Winer M.D..

Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine rolls out its carnival of hate.

Imagine if you sent your children to university and they were subjected  lies, distortions,  hatred and racism every year for one, two or three weeks at a time.? Imagine images of your religious symbols drenched in blood? Imagine displays depicting  grotesque stereotypical images of your ethnicity?  Is this what you want your university to be known for?

Welcome  to MSU’s annual “anti-Zionist” diatribe at UC Irvine.

Israel: The Politics of Genocide

Where you live should not determine if you live…
Start Time:
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 5:30pm
End Time:
Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 9:00pm
UC Irvine
Irvine, CA


61 years of illegal occupation. 61 years of statelessness. 61 years of systematic ethnic cleansing. The Palestinians have lost thousands of lives and millions of have been displaced from their homes. Despite all of this, their resolve remains steadfast, their resistance enduring, their fire unflinching. However, though Israel continues to violate international law and inflict these injustices, Palestinian blood stains our hands, too. We as taxpaying American citizens directly contribute to Israel’s perpetual dehumanization of the Palestinians, as United States tax dollars directly fund Israeli military operations and sustain Israel, the largest recipient of US foreign aid annually. We invite you to attend these events dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of the Palestinians, and to explore the potential for changing this situation through our efforts.


***GEORGE GALLOWAY, British Member of Parliament

***CYNTHIA MCKINNEY, Former Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate


***Afrikan Student Union
***Alpha Epsilon Omega ®
***Armenian Student Association
***Asian Pacific Student Association
***Hindu Student Council
***Hip Hop Congress
***Pakistani Student Association
***Society of Arab Students
***Sikh Student Association
***The Agora
***Radical Student Union
***Vietnamese Action Committee
***Young Americans for Liberty
***Workers Student Alliance

Tuesday, May 5

***THE GAZAN MASSACRE with Reem Salahi
Doheny Beach CD, Student Center || Doors Open at 5:30pm

Monday, May 11

***PALESTINE IS THE ISSUE with Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers Guild
Outside @ Flagpoles || 12:00pm-1:00pm

***OCCUPATION 101 SCREENING of award winning documentary
Crystal Cove Auditorium, Student Center || Doors open @ 5:30pm

Tuesday, May 12

***WITNESS IN PALESTINE: PART I with Anna Baltzer, Journalist
Outside @ Flagpoles || 12:00pm-1:00pm

***WITNESS IN PALESTINE: PART II with Anna Baltzer, Journalist
Cross Cultural Center || 2:00pm-3:30pm

Crystal Cove Auditorium, Student Center || Doors Open at 5:30pm

Wednesday, May 13

with Cynthia McKinney, Former Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Outside @ Flagpoles || 12:00pm-1:00pm

with Cynthia McKinney, Former Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party Presidential Candidate
Crystal Cove Auditorium, Student Center || Doors Open at 5:30pm

Thursday, May 14

***TO EXIST IS TO RESIST with activist Amir Abdel Malik Ali
Outside @ Flagpoles || 12:00pm-1:00pm

~// SILENCE IS CONSENT with activist Amir Abdel Malik Ali
Crystal Cove Auditorium, Student Center || Doors Open at 5:30pm

Thursday, May 21

***VIVA PALESTINA with GEORGE GALLOWAY, British Member of Parliament
Pacific Ballroom CD, Student Center || Doors Open at 5:30pm

Daily Pilot: Religious debates draw ire at UCI

Religious debates draw ire at UCI

UCI students will debate Middle East issues as the Muslim Student Union and pro-Israel groups host a series of speakers in an annual event that has generated considerable controversy in the past.

“Never Again? The Palestinian Holocaust” is the name of the activities presented by the Muslim Student Union through May 14, which kicked off Wednesday with “What’s the Fuss? Is Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?” featuring speaker Norman Finkelstein. Jewish community leaders are already protesting.

“There are a lot of very concerned people,” said former UCI student and Israeli-American Reut Cohen, who runs a blog about what she considers anti-Semitic activities on the campus. “It is a hate week designed to harass people.”

There is also an online petition, which has 232 signatures thus far, posted online condemning this year’s Muslim Student Union program.

Efforts to reach Muslim Student Union representatives were unsuccessful.

Read more

Petition protests Anti-Semitism at UCI

To:  UC Irvine

We, the undersigned, condemn this year’s “Never Again? The Palestinian Holocaust” as yet another program sponsored by UC Irvine’s Muslim Student Union that demonizes Jews, Zionism and Israel with falsehoods and misrepresentations, including the monstrous lie that Israel is perpetrating a holocaust against the Palestinian Arabs. These programs are not legitimate political discourse about the conflict in the Middle East. They are hateful, anti-Semitic, and violate UCI’s principles and values, which call for a campus environment of positive engagement and mutual respect, free from expressions of bigotry. As the United States Civil Rights Commission declared, “Anti-Semitic bigotry is no less morally deplorable when camouflaged as anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism.”

We call on the Muslim Student Union to renounce the rhetoric of hate and engage in civil intellectual discourse that is free from falsehoods, misrepresentations, prejudice and bigotry.


The Undersigned