Update: Over 900 UCI students have thus far applied for refund of Student Fees for funding Hate speakers

The following procedure for obtaining refunds was initiated by a  U C Irvine Student:

* 1. UCI campus policy 83.20 reads: “Chancellors…shall establish procedures to allow a student to seek a refund of that portion of his or her fee which he or she believes continues to support political, ideological, or religious organizations or activities.”


The Muslim Student Union (MSU) at UC Irvine was allocated a substantial amount of student fees (approximately $6,500) to host a politically and ideologically charged event titled “Israeli Apartheid Week” for four days (May 10-13, 2010). Many claim that this event was anti-Jewish in nature.

On May 13th MSU hosted a speaker, Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali, who advocated support for Hamas and Hezbollah, which are regarded by the US government to be foreign terrorist organizations. He also publicly stated his support for Islamic jihad, and lastly he stated his support for jihad to be brought to UC Irvine. He ended the event with a very hateful statement: “You Jews…ya’ll the new Nazis!”

You can watch the incident here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8OJvR7hAT8

UCI Chancellor Michael Drake, who usually does not make statements regarding this annual MSU event, found the above so appalling that he issued a public statement condemning Malik-Ali’s speech just two days after the event.

When contacted about policy 83.20, the Office of the Dean of Students reported that they stopped carrying the necessary form several years ago, but that students could fill out a general complaint form. Thus, your information will be affixed to a complaint form that asks for refund checks for each UCI undergraduate student who enters his/her name *and* UCI e-mail below. Since this year the event was funded by undergraduate student fees, ONLY UCI UNDERGRADUATES CAN RECEIVE A REFUND.

To sign the complaint/refund form click  here

It should be noted that Chancellor Drake did not  condemn Malik Ali, MSU or any of the “hate speakers” by name. See: Another bland statement from Chancellor Drake

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