Hypocrisy 2013

Well its that time of the year again. Spring is here, flowers are in full bloom and the Muslim Student Union is at it again.

One wonders if anyone even pays attention to them anymore. After all, it is estimated that over 70,000 people are dead in Syria and the use of deadly biological weapons have all but been confirmed.  Somalia, we are told is the deadliest place in the world for children.  Being a woman in Saudi Arabia requires a male escort when leaving  home and domestic assaults on women are all to commonplace.   Christians in Egypt continue to suffer at the hands of extremists while the government turns a blind eye. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, disputes continue to be settled by suicide bombers.  In Boston, three people killed and at least 264 injured including an 8 year old child.  And for what?  Where are the tears?  Where is the moral outrage? Where are Muslim Student Union and Muslim Student Associations campus demonstrations about this?

But the hate and hypocrisy continues:


The Muslim Student Union and their speakers and supporters brand Israel as a “racist apartheid state” and continue to call for Boycott Divestment and Sanction. They remain fixated on Israel, yet cannot find the time to clean up their own back yard.

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